Experience the strange and unusual art of Totally Original Tees as you browse through the brainstorms and creativity of our talented team of oil and acrylic artists, photographers and graphic artists. We specialize in atypical artwork that is beautiful, unique, imaginative, and weird.

Visit Totally Original Tees often as our amazing artists’ paintbrushes, cameras and computer skills are in constant motion creating new and exciting items for you!

You won’t see our creations anywhere else of the web!

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If your order contains printing errors or defective goods, we will of course take back the product and refund your money or send you a new product.

We also promise:

Even when there is nothing wrong with the product, you can return it within 30 days after ordering. You can exchange it if you don’t like the product, receive a coupon for your next order, or
have the product cost refunded.